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Your donations will assist ECR in providing critically needed services and training in peaceful conflict resolution.

“We know of no better way to equip our students for the 21st Century than to  prepare them to get along with others. Our schools are only one of many entities that continue to vie for the time of the competent, caring, and influential people at ECR.”

Connie Curry, Former Superintendent,
Manchester Community Schools

By donating now, you help ECR to provide these services:

  • Low-cost community mediation services.

  • School attendance and truancy mediations

  • Conflict resolution training

  • Elementary and secondary school workshops

  • Peer mediator training

  • The 4th Grade Peace Learning Connection Program

4th grade students participate in a trust exercise as away of learning the importance of mutual interdependence.
“As we look at the increasing importance of such interventions as peer mediation and conflict resolution skills, it is obvious that having a resource such as ECR close by is very important to our school system. It is our hope that the important work they are fulfilling will continue.”

Dr. Lee Harmon, Former Superintendent,
Warsaw Community Schools

Your financial support of the work of ECR, helps us to go about creating...

  • Safer More Peaceful Schools and Communities

  • Stronger Organizations

  • Healthier Families

  • More Respectful and Positive Youth

  • Less Stressful Community and Work Environments

  • Less Violence in Schools, Workplaces, and the Community at large

Won’t you donate now to help continue ECR’s work of creating safer more peaceful schools and communities?

ECR, founded in 1988, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

Dennis Horn (trainer) and 4th graders learning about famous world figures who advocate peaceful resolution of conflict.

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