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Manchester University and ECR:

David McFadden

"Manchester University (MU) and Education for Conflict Resolution, Inc. (ECR) have a long history together, rooted in a shared commitment to peace and justice. The efforts of ECR and MU have long been intertwined: philosophically, experientially, educationally, and most recently (in 2013), physically, with ECR's offices now on MU's campus.

ECR shares a commitment to the heart of MU's mission— valuing the infinite worth of every person, equipping people with skills to act on their values, and improving the human condition and—the soul of ECR's top priority—helping young people learn conflict resolution and life-enhancing skills.

Businesses, congregations, families, teachers, students, individuals, and others throughout the Midwest have benefited from the workshops, presentations, and trainings that ECR provides. MU's students, faculty, and staff have worked through difficult issues with the help of ECR. In addition, MU's students have carried their skills in conflict resolution out into the world to become more effective leaders, employees, and community members."

(Comments by David McFadden, President of Manchester University, North Manchester, IN)

Most recently (in 2015), ECR has entered into a collaboration with MU, to implement a series of on-site trainings designed to bring an understanding of conflict resolution and communication skills to persons working in business and industry.