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What is Conflict Management?


Scholars attempt to differentiate between four key terms:

  • Mediation
  • Conflict Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Conflict Transformation

Mediation Training:

In general, mediation seeks to find common ground for ending a conflict. As a result of this ECR training, participants can expect to come away with an understanding of the processes within conflict and a set of skills that will enable them to assist clients in finding shared solutions to their specific conflict while also gaining insight into how they can more effectively deal with future conflicts. This training is focused on preparing persons to help others resolve conflicts within pre-existing conflicts.

Conflict Management Training:

Accepting that there will always be conflict in human interaction, and/or accepting that a particular problem or conflict is going to be ongoing, sometimes we work at minimizing the negative effects and figuring out how to live with the conflict. This kind of ECR training focuses on providing participants knowledge and skills required to understand the process of understanding and resolving conflict in situations they are part of or for which they are responsible. It is focused on preparing persons to be able to identify the dynamics of conflict and options for resolution that will enhance problem solving and growth of those involved.

Conflict Resolution Training:

When we're dealing with a specific conflict that can be resolved if the parties choose to try to find a solution and are willing to make changes to make the solution work, then it makes sense to talk about conflict resolution. This type of training focuses on providing participants with knowledge and skills required to interrupt the process of conflict when the participant is confronted with persons or situations that could result in conflict.

Conflict Transformation:

Sometimes conflicts can lead to positive change -- creating a situation that may be better than it was even before the conflict. Conflict can be a sign that something is structurally or fundamentally wrong, and working to resolve the conflict is part of transforming the whole situation for the better.