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What is Conflict?


Conflict: It Isn’t Going Away

Conflict is part of the human condition,
We aren’ t made to agree on everything,
We are not meant to be homogeneous.

Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths.
Our ability to challenge one another’s ideas,
to push each other to this outside the box,
to see an issue from another’s point of view—
These are vital parts of what make us human.

We learn from conflict,
We grow because of conflict,
We are often better people because of conflicts in our lives.
Conflict is part of being human, it isn’ t going away,
and we shouldn’t want it to go away.

Instead, we need to see conflict as an opportunity,
as a strength—as a part of healthy relationships,
and part of what is normal in peaceful communities.

When we see conflict in this light . . .
We are more likely to step into conflict rather than avoiding it—
Conflict is seen not as a failure
but as important work that needs to be done well.

[By Celia Cook-Hoffman of Huntington,
Pennsylvania, as reported in ECR, Celebrate
25 Amazing Years, 2013.]