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member1Given that conflict is not going away any time soon, how do we make our world a more peaceful place?

By teaching the peaceful resolution of conflict — one conflict at a time.

member2Help us put the conflict resolution puzzle pieces together to create a more peaceful world and build more positive, less violent communities — by becoming a sustaining member of ECR.

Your Membership Contribution funds the following services:

  • member3The Peace Learning Connection Program:

    A program that teaches Wabash County 4th graders practical skills to respond to conflict in various settings and how to work together toward a goal. Fourth graders in this program also learn about the peace role models in history.

  • Community Mediations: Interpersonal and Court-Referred

    member4ECR has helped hundreds of people over the years to resolve interpersonal problems through the mediation process. Our particular brand of conflict resolution mediation not only helps people find solutions, but also teaches them listening skills and a process that will help them become problem solvers themselves.

  • Mediating Interpersonal Conflict Trainings:

    member5This training, offered on a regular basis by ECR, includes the basic 32 hour course that prepares persons to provide mediation services.

  • ECR Training Manuals and Other ECR Publications:

    Our manuals are used in training for mediation and have been sold to several Universities in the area including Manchester, Ball State, and Butler. Our flyers and brochures help publicize and inform community members and other potential users of our workshops and services.

  • Workshops/Trainings:

    Learning experiences designed to teach specific mediation skills within a business or organization.

member6Help us fit the pieces of the conflict puzzle together by becoming a sustaining member today.

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