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Attendance/Truancy Mediation - A Positive Approach to School Tardy and Absence Situations

ECR has implemented Attendance/Truancy mediation programs locally for many years and is now training others to establish this restorative program in school districts around the state of Indiana. Participants in the training receive a thorough manual that includes a step-by-step process, facilitation skills, sample informational pieces for the family and school, and every possible form for implementing and tracking the program. The workshop format is interactive and can be delivered on-site.

Persons with mediation skills would be good candidates to attend the one-day training.

ECR would schedule a slightly longer workshop for persons who have not had previous mediation training.

We are indebted to the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management for the four-year evaluation of their statewide program and concur with the positive results. The one-half hour to forty-five minute session brings together the parents, student (if appropriate), and a school representative. The mediator facilitates listening and sharing from each party and notes the underlying causes for the tardies and absences, records all ideas brought forward by the parties in the brainstorming time, and records on an agreement form all of the mutually satisfactory solutions that emerge. This is an excellent process for enhancing home/school cooperation.

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"What improved communication and attendance most was involving the case-workers at Education for Conflict Resolution." "The mediation sessions yield valuable information." "The role playing was valuable to be able to practice mediation as well as sharing ideas."

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